Journal Club – CBCS 2022

Cognitive Science is a multi-disciplinary field, which is young and rapidly growing. At the CBCS Journal Club, we encourage critical discussion on the diverse research areas that fall under the umbrella of Cognitive Science. Sessions are lively and throw light on how scientific research is done.

The CBCS Journal Club meets bi-monthly. Each session is led by a presenter and a discussant, decided on a volunteer basis. Published research is presented. Papers are circulated a week in advance – for listeners to read, then attend the session, if they wish to. Sessions have a 1 ½ hour duration and take place at the Centre, on Saturday afternoons from 2-3.30 pm.

Participation in the Club is open to all members of CBCS.

Here’s a list of the sessions we’ve had so far :-

31/1/22 – Session 1:

Norenzayan, A., Atran, S., Faulkner, J. & Schaller, M. (2006). Memory and mystery: The cultural selection of minimally counterintuitive narratives. Cognitive Science, 30, 531-553.

Presenter: Ansh Bharadwaj. Moderator: Hurshitha Vasudevan.

7/2/22 – Session 2:

Mon, S.K., Nencheva, M., Citron, F.M.M., Lew-Williams, C. & Goldberg, A.E. (2021). Conventional metaphors elicit greater real-time engagement than literal paraphrases or concrete sentences. Journal of Memory and Language, 121, Article 104285.

Presenter : Sayali Pethe. Moderator : Dr. Supriya Ray.

21/2/22 – Session 3:

Frick, A., Brandimonte, M.A., & Chevalier, N. (2021). Disentangling the respective contribution of task selection and task execution to self-directed cognitive control development. Child Dev. 92, 1309-1324.

Presenter: Tripti Verma. Moderator: Ganga Tiwari

12/3/22 – Session 4:

Ferrier, D.E., Bassett, H.H., & Denham, S.A. (2014). Relations between executive functions and emotionality in preschoolers : Exploring a transitive cognitive-emotion linkage. Frontiers in Psychology, 5. Article 487.

Presenter: Moon Majumdar. Moderator: Amruthavalli

26/3/22 – Session 5:

Felker, E., Klockmann, H., & De Jong, N. (2019). How conceptualizing influences fluency in first and second language speech production. Applied psycholinguistics, 40(1), 111-136.

Presenter: Swati Kushwaha. Moderator: Kriti Das.

16/4/22 – Session 6:

Pan, Y., Cheng, QP. & Luo, QY (2012). Working memory can enhance unconscious visual perception. Psychon Bull Rev 19477–482

Presenter: Hurshitha Vasudevan. Moderator: Gokul Krishna

Logistics of the club is managed by the J.C. Committee.

For any support or further information, you may contact

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