2017 Publications

Journal Publications

Pammi, V. S. C., Ruiz, S., Lee, S., Noussair, C., & Sitaram, R. (in press). The effect of wealth shocks on loss aversion: behavior and neural correlates. Frontiers in Neuroscience (Section: Decision Neuroscience).

Srivastava, N., & Srinivasan, N. (in press). Intertemporal impulsivity can also arise from persistent failure of long-term plans. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. [Commentary on Pepper & Nettle (2017)]

Kar, B. R., Srinivasan, N., Nehabala, Y., & Nigam, R. (in press). Proactive and reactive control depends on emotional valence: A Stroop study with emotional expressions and words. Cognition & Emotion.

Kumar, D., & Srinivasan, N. (2017). How multi-scale control structures sense of agency: Investigating intentional binding using event-control approach. Consciousness and Cognition, 49, 1-14.

Bouwmeester, S., Verkoeijen, P. P. J. L., Aczel, B., …, Srinivasan, N., …, & Wollbrant, C. E. (2017). Registered Replication Report: Rand, Greene & Nowak (2012). Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Mukherjee, S., Sahay, A., Pammi, V. S. C., & Srinivasan, N. (2017). Is loss-aversion magnitude-dependent? Measuring prospective affective judgments regarding gains and losses. Judgment and Decision Making, 12(1), 81-89.

Raffone, A., & Srinivasan, N. (2017). Mindfulness and cognitive functions: Toward a unifying neurocognitive framework. Mindfulness, 8, 1-9.

Srinivasan, N., & Singh, A. (2017).  Concentrative meditation influences visual awareness: A study with color afterimages. Mindfulness, 8, 17-26.

Becker, J.C., Butz, D.A., Sibley, C.G., Barlow, F.K., Bitacola, L., Christ, O., Khan, S., Leong, C.H., Pehrson, S., Srinivasan, N., Sulz, A., Tausch, N., Urbanska, K., & Wright, S. (2017). What do national flags stand For? An exploration of associations across 11 countries. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Maqbool, Z., Makhijani, N., Pammi, V. S. C., & Dutt, V. (2016). Effects of motivation: rewarding hackers for undetected attacks cause analysts to perform poorly. Human Factors: The Journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. epub


Book Chapters and Conference Proceedings

Maqbool, Z., Pammi, V. S. C., & Dutt, V. (in press). Role of Motivations in Cyber-Security: Modeling Defender and Adversarial Decisions in Security Games using Instance-Based Learning Theory. Second International Conference on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing (ICC 2017), March 22-23, 2017, Cambridge, U.K.

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