MSc Programme


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CBCS currently offers a Master program (M.Sc.) in Cognitive Science, the first such course in the field of Cognitive Science in India when it was founded in 2002.


The goal of the teaching program is to help to develop a richer appreciation of the mental processes as well as laws and principles that govern them. The focus is on mental processes including consciousness, perception, attention, knowledge acquisition, memory, decision making, reasoning, emotions, actions, creativity and several other aspects of the mind studied through methodologies encompassing psychology, neuroscience and computer science. There is a strong emphasis on research projects and exposure to various theoretical and experimental studies in Cognitive Science. Course work is interdisciplinary with courses spanning Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience, Computational Modelling, Linguistics, and Philosophy. The Centre and the University provide an ideal environment for study and research in Cognitive Science.


Admission to the Masters’ program in Cognitive Science-2022 at CBCS will be based on COGJET/GATE score plus Interview. Students with a valid GATE examination score in relevant subjects (like Engineering, life sciences, zoology, microbiology, biotechnology, computer science, physics, mathematics, statistics, psychology, economics, linguistics and philosophy) may also apply. All students with a COGJET and/or GATE score shall be called for the interview based on a merit-based cut off.

Course structure

The Centre offers a Master (M.Sc.) Program in Cognitive Science of four semesters duration. The credits shall be earned by course-work as well as by completing the Master’s Thesis. The courses in semesters comprise Core (compulsory) and Elective (optional) courses. A large number of elective courses are available and the student would have considerable flexibility in choosing the electives.

Students are required to be involved in research work as part of their Master thesis spanning two semesters. They are encouraged to write research papers for publication, and to make presentation in seminars and conferences. The research/thesis work shall culminate in a Dissertation to be submitted at the end of the fourth semester.

Master Program

4:0 => theory course with 4 hours of contact per week including lectures and discussion

4:1 => theory course with 4 hours of contact per week including lectures and 1 lab session

4:2 => lab oriented course 4 hours of contact including lectures and 2 lab sessions (1 hour each)


Basket for Electives

Fee Structure

A. Annual University dues: Rs. 5350/- + medical insurance as per actual c

B. Per Semester fee (Professional Fee, Library, Laboratory fee): Rs. 12500/-

C. Refundable Caution money: Rs. 2000/-