Student achievements

Students passing out with a Masters degree in Cognitive Science have been successful in getting placed in Ph.D. program at premier institutions in India and abroad. Students have also got placements in the industry in India. Many students have obtained travel grants to attend international conferences from agencies like IBRO.


Mr. Mukesh B. Makwana has been awarded the AVA Tom Trsocianko Award


Ms. Maruti Mishra was awarded a travel grant by IBRO to attend the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience


Ms Yagyima Nehabala has been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship.

Ms. Tanya Dash, a doctoral student, received travel fellowship in ‘The 35th Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society” under the grant for ‘International Exchange Meeting for Young Researches’.


Ms. Radhanila Meganathan, a masters’ student (final semester), received IBRO Inter-Regional School Fellowship for “IBRO-UNESCO Interregional School on Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience” held at University of Hyderabad.

Ms. Niharika Singh, a doctoral student, was awarded “Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship” Under the grant for ‘Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT)’ supporting International Scholars in Canada. Through this grant, she visited Raymond Klein’s Lab at University of Dalhousie.

Mr. Mukesh Makwana has been awarded CSIR JRF Fellowship.

Mr. Indrajeet has been awarded the UGC-JRF Fellowship.

Mr. Mukesh Makwana won the second prize at the International Conference on Consciousness held at NIAS in Bangalore.


Ms. Tanya Dash was awarded IBRO funding for the Young Investigator Program (YIP) as part of 8th world Congress on Neuroscience, 2011. She also presented her work at the 8thWorld Congress on Neuroscience to be held in Florence, Italy from 14-18 July, 2011.

Ms Tanya Dash participated in the IBRO-APRC School of Neuroscience, NBRC, Manesar, India, November 29 – December 10, 2010

Ms. Shruti Baijal was awarded funding by IBRO funding to attend the 8th world Congress on Neuroscience in Florence, Italy from 14-18 July, 2011.

Ms. Niharika Singh was awarded with SERC, DST funding for attending International Conference on Psycholinguistics in Spain.



Ms. Rashmi Gupta has obtained an IBRO Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at University of Bangor for the year 2010.



Ms. Shruti Baijal was awarded an IBRO travel grant to work at Riken Brain Sciences Institute in 2008.



Ms. Neha Khetrapal obtained funding from the International Neuropsychological Society and attended the Vivian Smith Summer Institute organized by INS in Greece.

Ms. Neha Khetrapal obtained funding from International Brain Research Organization and attended the Annual Conference of the International Neuropsychological Society held in Oregon, USA in February 2007.