Saraswati Jaiswal Yadav

Post Doctoral Fellow


Personal webpage:


Ph.D., Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, Manipal University, Karnataka, India

M.Sc. (Medical Physiology), Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Karnataka, India

B.Sc. (Botany, Chemistry, Zoology), University of Allahabad, India

Research Interests:

Neuroimaging, Neurophysiology of memory, Heart rate Variability and it’s interaction with neural oscillations, Neuroprotective effects of dietary supplements and medicinal plants

Research Project:

Modulatory effect of reward prospect on the characterization of trait anxiety ( funded by DST)


Journal articles

  1. Mitha K V, Yadav S, Ganaraja B. Original Article Improvement in Cognitive Parameters Among Offsprings Born to Alcohol Fed Female Wistar Rats Following Long Term Treatment with Centella Asiatica.Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2016;60(2):167–73. 
  2. Mayannavar S, Rashmi KS, Rao YD, Yadav S, Ganaraja B. Effect of Orexin-A infusion in to the Nucleus Accumbens on consummatory behaviour and alcohol preference in male Wistar rats. Indian J Pharmacol. 2016;48(4):53–8. 
  3. Yadav S, Mitha K V, Jeganathan PS, Pai SR, Ganaraja B. Omega-3 PUFA as food supplementation improves performance of cognitive parameter in type 1 diabetes mellitus model of wistar rats. Res J Pharm Biol Chem Sci. 2015;6(5):1251–9. 
  4. Yadav S, Kv M, Shenoy MT, Mayannavar S, Ganaraja B. Original Article Beneficial effect of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on neurosensorial impairments and oxidative status in Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2014;346–53.
  5. Mitha K V, Yadav S, Mayannavar S, Ganaraja B. Effect of alcohol consumption in pregnancy on pup quality , exploratory behaviour , memory retention in wistar rats Int J Appl Biol and Pharm Technol. 2014;5(3):73–8. 
  6. Nagamma T, Bhutia RD, Pokharel DR, Yadav S, Baxi J. Influence of alcohol consumption on oxidative stress and antioxidant status in cancer patients–case-control study from Western Nepal. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2012 Jan;13(7):3513–7. 


  1. Excellent paper award in international conference organized by International Academy of science, technology, engineering and management at Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 3rd & 4th September, 2017
  2. Gold Medallist in Physiology in M.Sc. first year University exam held in 2002 by Manipal University (Manipal Academy of Higher Education)