Indigenizing Psychology education and training: Perspectives from the majority world (Convenors: Prof. Ava Thompson & Prof. Janak Pandey)

From understanding roots of violence to building bridges of peace (Convenors: Sonia Suchday and R.C. Tripathi)

Social inclusion of the marginalized (Convenor: Prof. Rashmi Kumar)

Psychology as profession in India (Convenor: Prof. Janak Pandey / Prof. Purnima Singh)

Clinical and health intervention for promoting well being (Convenors: Prof. Komilla Thapa & Prof. Neena Kohli)

New Horizons of Military Psychology: Issues and Opportunities (Convenor: Dr. Jitendra K Singh)

Psychology of the Body (Convenor: Prof. Minati Panda)

Organizational Behaviour in a Global Context: The Multiplex of Themes, Theories, and Methodologies (Convenor: Dr. Ritu Tripathi)

Cognitive Science (Convenors: Prof. V. S. Chandrasekhar Pammi & Prof. Narayanan Srinivasan)

Measuring cognition: Tools and techniques (Convenor: Dr. D. Dutta Roy)

Cognitive development (Convenor: Prof. Bhoomika R. Kar)

Advances in Positive Organizational Behavior (Dr. Kailash B L Srivastava & Dr. Shailendra Singh)

Integrating Psychology and other social sciences for understanding of gender issues (Convenor: Dr. Sadhana Natu)

Qualitative Health Research: Process and Rigour (Convenor: Dr. Ravi Kumar Priya)