CRET 2018 Result

Result of CRET 2018 in Cognitive Science for the session 2018-19.

A Training workshop on Dyslexia Assessments for languages of India (DALI) will be conducted at CBCS on September 7-8, 2018. CBCS has been conducting research and outreach programs at the Centre for many years including training workshops on identification of developmental disorders like dyslexia and Autism. This workshop aims to equip teachers and professionals dealing with children at risk for dyslexia to enable early identification the concerns a child may have related to reading/writing difficulties. Pointers for remediation of dyslexia will also be discussed during the workshop. The workshop will have three components: Screening, detailed assessment and remediation with discussion about the tool and hands on experience with DALI.


Workshop on Dyslexia Assessment for languages of India- DALI
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